This might be why that workout program isn’t working for you

Have you ever spent time finding the best workout program, the right gym for you, that perfect flattering workout outfit? Then you buy some weights or a treadmill and plan out everything you’re going to do and it doesn’t freaking work?? I keep seeing this happen for people over and over and often for the same reason.

Here is the big reason I keep seeing why it’s NOT working! This might seem simplified but think about it, see if it applies to you and if it does you have a chance to make a change. This has been weighing on me because it keeps showing up over and over and finally i just felt I needed to share.

We spend more time getting ready to do something than actually doing it! You can buy a membership to the best gym in town, you can buy the best equipment and workout programs but IF YOU DON’T DO THE WORK, IT WON’T WORK!! I am not saying I haven’t been in this cycle before, because I have, but I am saying if you want to lose weight, build muscle or just get healthier you have to be honest with yourself and put in the work. I totally get that the way some of our minds work is to plan everything out, but take a step back and stop taking so much time to plan and just freaking do it! This can be applied to more than fitness.

How do you think some of the big name gyms survive with all that gorgeous equipment and a membership fee of only like $9 a month?? Alllllll the people who sign up and never go or stop going! Do you have a piece of equipment collecting dust? At some point in fitness or in life we all fall in the trap of good intentions and not enough action. Most recently for me I was doing Crossfit and doing great then all of a sudden I wasn’t making progress. When I took a step back and looked, my schedule was shifting so I wasn’t getting there enough and I was distracted by my kids when I was there. Once I figured out my issue I had to be honest with myself about how many times a week I was getting there and how much effort I was truly putting in. I had to make a change and refocus and truly put in the time and energy getting it DONE and not just thinking about it or planning it out. Planning without action may not quite feel like cheating but it’s cheating yourself.

There is a secondary issue I see coming up over and over that could really use a whole write-up on its own but I will touch on it because it’s related, excuses and procrastination. We say we don’t have time or we stall and do everything else and then say we don’t have time. If you want it bad enough, you will make time. When I have anything that I am not ready to do even something as simple as making a phone call, I will do anything else before I actually just get it done. My absolute worst is packing, I hate packing. I will walk around the house doing every other chore I have been putting off before I finally suck it up and JUST DO IT. When it comes to working out at home I had to keep my clothes in the basement where I workout or I would go up into my room and start folding laundry or doing other things. When there is something we truly want or have to make time for we will find a way, you get up earlier, stay up later, skip the scrolling, skip outings with friends, or change the plan from the gym to the basement in my case. It’s all a game in choosing what you want to spend your time doing. No more procrastinating, be aware you’re doing it, stop and just do what you need to do!

So here’s the truth and the deal, if you want to make that program work for you, STOP PLANNING and START DOING!! If you have a life goal or a health goal, just freaking go for it! Reach out to me on Facebook at one diesel mom ( if you need help getting started and I can hook you up with a program. I also have an ongoing support group for women on their health journeys doing any and all types of programs. I look forward to hearing from you. XOXO







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