Review of our first Hello Fresh order

Everyone has been talking about how great the meal delivery companies are. I love real mail AND food so I gave it a shot. The first company I ordered from was Hello Fresh. Discount code below for you.

Who doesn’t love real mail?! AND FOOD?!?!

I had been thinking about trying one of these meal delivery services and when a friend offered me a coupon code that was the extra incentive I needed to finally go for it. If you want to try it too, there is a $40 coupon code at the bottom of the text, it adds the credit to your account at checkout.

There were three menus to choose from, family for more kid friendly meals, Classic or Veggie for a meat free option. You can opt for the meals to feed two people or four and to get two, three, four or five meals a week. I chose to try two meals from the family section, each to feed four people.

Before this order I wasn’t really sure what to expect or how they would deliver. The package was delivered regular UPS and I did NOT have to be home to receive it or sign for it, so that was nice.

My Helper Bringing in the Package
Inside the big box was an insulated kind of bag with instruction/recipe cards on top. The meals were separated out in two smaller boxes inside the big box with the protein at the bottom under an ice pack, so that was easy.

Meal #1 Filet of Sole with Potatoes and Carrots

We had to cook the first meal the day we got the box. It was nice was how excited my kids were to get it and “help” me cook.

The meal was fairly basic and easy to put together. The veggies and the fish were good quality and overall the meal was a hit. I don’t usually time how long dinner takes me but I went ahead and set the timer on this one and it took 51 minutes from start to when it came out of the oven. I did have kids helping so I may have been able to do it faster on my own so don’t use our turtle speed against them haha.

Meal #2 Veggie Loaded Orzo and Sausage

The veggies for this meal looked and tasted great. It was another simple choice that was easy to prepare.

It was definitely easy but did have a little more prep and chop then I normally like on a busy week night. 

All put together it made a huge portion. I will try to freeze half and see how it does. 

Could I go to the store and pick all these ingredients out, sure I could. Was it fun to get it delivered, absolutely. Will I be doing this every week, not right now. I can absolutely see the appeal to this service and will be trying more for sure.

Is there anything else you would want to know about this delivery or future deliveries?

As promised, here is a coupon code to get $40 off your first order with Hello Fresh.


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