It’s never easy to say goodbye

Today we lost our friend, our gentle giant.



Otis was the sweetest most loyal friend. He got to live the shop life and go to work every day with Jesse. He grew up with the business. He got to eat pizza crusts every friday with the guys and roam free all day checking out smells and trucks. He was a part of the family at home and at the shop and he will be missed.


He was such a tiny guy to start it was hard to imagine he would grow to over 150lbs.

He loved to be outside. He loved to go for hikes, he would charge out so fast at the beginning and use up all his energy then spend the rest of the time walking right behind you drooling on your legs and the rest of the day sleeping.

He was huge and still so gentle. He wouldn’t hurt anything intentionally. The only way he would hurt you is because he would get running so fast he couldn’t stop or he would get excited if you bent down to pet him and he would jump up and bonk heads and you couldn’t compete with that big head. He even let the tiny dogs beat up on him and think they were the boss. I can’t remember right now but I swear a mouse ran IN his open mouth and then back out haha.

Today we had to say goodbye and it is never easy. He ate something that was killing him from the inside and we had to choose to end the pain for him. No more pain buddy, you can watch over the shop from up a little higher now.

We love you Otis. XOXOXO






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