If we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

Here I am not quite ready or knowing where to begin so I will just begin. I have so many things I want to share but I have to start somewhere. The first step to achieving anything is to believe in ourselves and go for it. Becoming a mother helped me tremendously in accepting things my prior perfectionist self would never be able to and for that I am thankful. Today I will go for it and start by sharing something simple and much less than perfect but perfectly me.

A day in the life

Being a mom has without question been the hardest job I have ever had the privilege of having. Some days are super long and others fly by but there is never enough time. Nate has been struggling with big emotions and having melt downs on top of having a burst ear drum…again. I felt like he needed a day doing regular every day things with extra love and attention.  Here is a peek at some of the routine and highlights from Monday April 3, 2017.

4:00am Abby woke up and I brought her in my bed and tried so hard to get her to snuggle and sleep more. Falling in and out of sleep with her kicking and laughing and finally I gave up on sleep when Jesse came back in the room to quickly say hi and bye because he was running late.

6:45am Nate woke up on the wrong side of the bed so I let them hang out in my bed and watch TV. I used the time to put away piles of laundry, clean up and get ready and dressed for the day in my slightly less pajama looking comfy clothes. Seriously, I wear the same comfy crap over and over and I really should care more butttttt I don’t, maybe tomorrow or next year.

Just about every day ~ Holding hands in my bed
7:30am  Got the kids dressed and read for the day so we could head downstairs. Abby has strong feelings already about which clothes she is going to wear, it cracks me up every time. I collected all the dirty laundry to bring down with us.

8:00am Make and eat breakfasts, get laundry started and clean up a little downstairs. We had a family day on Sunday and I procrastinated making a dinner meal plan for the week so I needed to get that done. It is so much easier to have a dinner plan even though I don’t like doing so I am not scrambling every night to figure something out. The kids went with me into the garage to check the freezer for what we had and they ended up riding bikes and playing so we hung out for a while and I looked up recipes and made a grocery list.

9:30am Off to the grocery store. The kids got a donut as we walked in and then continued to eat their way through the store.

Double steering wheel shopping carts are the shit to these two
11:30am On our way home from the grocery store we found a spotted turtle on our road so we got out and watched it for a while and just hung out enjoying the beautiful day. We haven’t had many nice days yet here in CT. The turtle was missing a leg but was getting along just fine in her journey wherever she was going, Nate is pretty convincing in his belief that a cheetah ate her leg. She didn’t even hide in her shell from us. They are an endangered species so maybe just maybe she was laying some eggs and we will catch sight of her or her babies again one day. I was surprised that this made Nate remember  a snake we stopped to see a year ago in the same area, I wouldn’t think he would remember that but maybe these small seemingly insignificant moments are more important or significant that we think. Here’s more info on the spotted turtle https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spotted_turtle

Spotted turtle
Spotted turtle saying hello
Enjoying watching the turtle
12:30pm It’s finally beautiful out and everyone is in a good mood so might as well push nap back and have a picnic. The kids ate a whole pint of blueberries and some cookies and didn’t touch their sandwiches, oh well. They have eaten so much today I don’t know how I will keep food in the house when they are bigger?!

Beautiful day picnic
1:30pm Finally getting them settled upstairs for naps. Now to clean up, finish putting the groceries away, swap laundry and see if I can take a few minutes to myself to get a little computer work done.

2:45pm My parents stopped by on their way through town for a quick visit. I ended up waking the kids up so they wouldn’t miss them.

4:00pm Put some pork ribs on the grill for dinner, I have never cooked them that way before and they turned out really good. The grill looks kinda nasty in a picture, I think I need some new grill tools for the summer!

Pork ribs
5:00pm I sit down for dinner with the kids, they start to get antsy and grouchy so we eat together before Jesse gets home. I look forward to the day we can all sit down and eat together again but for now this works for us.

6:00pm The dogs wouldn’t stop barking so I look out and see one of the teenage neighbors friends backed his truck up and got stuck in the ditch out front. That’s fun stuff to a three-year old so we went out and watched them drag it out.

Stuck in the ditch
6:15pm Daddy got home and day turns into night super fast. We spend some time playing as a family, then up for baths. After baths the kids run around like little maniacs and we read stories, watch videos or just snuggle.

7:15pm Abby goes to bed

7:30pm Nate goes to bed

8:00pm Jesse and I talk about the day, clean up the kitchen and maybe a little bit of the house. I take a shower and clean up upstairs again while listening to my book on audible.

9:00pm I’m done I have nothing left so I crawl in bed and veg out before doing it all again tomorrow. I mentally plan out the next day, I know I need to get in a workout and do something for me but for today this is what my kids needed, they needed a slow-paced at home day to just be kids and have my attention.

Is every day like this, absolutely not. Were there some big feelings and temper tantrums thrown in there, absolutely! I am choosing today to remember what was special and makes us happy and connected as a family. Being the mom my kids deserve doesn’t always come easily for me, being positive doesn’t always come easy for me but I believe I can be better. I believe in change. I believe things don’t have to be perfect to be amazing. XOXO


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