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Exploring St. Lucia

About the blogger

My name is Liz Morin and I am passionate about family, fitness, health, personal growth and living a positive life. I spent a large amount of childhood in Texas and moved around a lot, but I have grown to call Connecticut home. My husband and I have three children, Todd, Nate and Abby, three dogs, Otis, Rosie and Nellie and we own a diesel business (https://www.morindiesel.com/). I love to read and have spent so much time reading blogs by others that I felt a calling to try my own. I have never felt that writing comes easily or that I am all that great at it but I have so much I want to share. My hope is that I can at least give you a glimpse of real or find something that helps you in your journey of life. One Diesel Mom follows my life and interests. Check out the Posts section to see what I have been writing about so far. Follow along on social media or by adding your email address. XOXO

Family Fun ~ Winter 2017

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